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Tokyo Powder - Boost

  • BOOST is considered a primer layer to your chalk routine. It provides a sealer by adding a dry layer between the chalk and your hands. Each package of BOOST is considered multi-use as only 1-2 small pebbles are needed per use. After pouring the pebbles into your hands, we recommend crushing them and rubbing your hands together. For best results, apply BOOST to clean hands, prior to adding other chalk.
    • Primer to chalk
    • Seals hands
    • Multi-use package / Only 1-2 small pebbles per use
    • Best used with hands are clean
    • Rosin Free
    • Imported via So iLL Distribution
    • 15g per pack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
It works

Follow the directions and this stuff is a must have for sweaty handed folks. I don't know about dry handed folks so I can't say anything on that.

This plus endo chalk has been in my opinion the best combo. My grip is through the the roof with this combo. I don't buy into anything unless it truly works for me and this has been a regular purchase in my climbing journey.

Is it cheating? I don't think so. At the end of the day all this stuff is just different variations of chalk. Let loose and use all available tools. Climbing is not a regulated competition, it's a way to get your body moving and hopefully appreciate the outdoors.


Best supplement to my chalk and climbing


Did not think this stuff was gonna be any more then hype, but I was wrong. This stuff is like resin that makes the chalk cling to you hands. Great in dry condition’s.

Brian H
Another Level

Boost makes you feel like you can boost anything. Gives me confidence for those sends to know that if I can get a finger on it, i can stick it. Boost + Black, never look.....down.

Boost is life

The Tokyo powder boost provides an amazing base coat before the chalk and when used with the Tokyo pure it felt like I had magnets in my hands. I really was able to stick to the holds and send projects that I was slipping off before

TOKYO POWDER with Boost technology

We scoured the planet looking for the best chalk available. We found it. Welcome Tokyo Powder, with Boost technology. It's unlike anything you've ever felt.

  • Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk
Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk

Boost Friction Foundation

Unlike anything you've ever felt, BOOST Friction Foundation, takes things to a whole new level in 3 easy steps. 1. Crush a pebble of BOOST into your hands. 2. Cover your hands in Tokyo Black before your BOOST dries. 3. Send.

So iLL Distribution

We are always striving to enhance climbing. When we found the worlds best chalk, we immediately knew we had to bring it to the states. Out of that need, So iLL Distribution was born.

So iLL distribution logo for Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk
  • Hands in So iLL Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk
  • Hands in So iLL  Tokyo Powder and Boost Chalk

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